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Definitions of Attributes

Definition of Attributes about Books

Every book on the Tungsten Hippo site is described by several different attributes:

  • The Favorite Thing attribute describes my favorite thing about the book.
  • The Book Length attribute indicates how long the eBook is. Short eBooks are roughly the length of a novella (70 - 160 pages). Shorter eBooks are 30 - 70 pages long, a length that is sometimes described as a novelette. The shortest eBooks are less than 30 pages, which is the length of a short story.
  • The Part of a Series attribute indicates whether or not the eBook is part of a larger series of short eBooks or is related to a series of longer books.
  • The Stand Alone attribute indicates whether or not the short eBook stands on its own, i.e., does it have a complete story (even if that story is part of a larger narrative arc in a series)? It can be frustrating to download a short eBook expecting a quick, satisfying read only to be left hanging at the end with no actual conclusion.
  • The Stickiness attribute describes the extent to which the short eBook is likely to stick with you after you finish reading it. Low stickiness implies that you're likely to stop thinking about it almost as soon as you stop reading it. Medium stickiness implies that you might find yourself thinking about it for a week or two. High stickiness books are likely to pop into your thoughts for months or even years after you finish them.
  • The Categories attribute lists the categories to which the eBook belongs. These categories are also accessible from the main menu at the top of each page.