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Overview and Contact Info

Tungsten Hippo is a site dedicated to making it easier for people to find good short eBooks to read. It does not attempt to provide an exhaustive list of short eBooks. Instead, it lists only short eBooks that I enjoyed reading. Each book is assigned to one or more categories- and a look at the categories will tell you what sorts of books I tend to read. I may eventually make it possible for other people to contribute to Tungsten Hippo, but right now, the books are all ones I have read and enjoyed.

The site consists of short summaries of books, blog posts about topics related to short eBooks, and quotes from short eBooks.

Posting Schedule

A new eBook will be posted most Wednesdays. A new quote will be posted most Fridays. New blog posts will be posted on the Sunday closest to when the fancy to write one strikes.

Suggesting Books and Guest Posts

You can suggest a short eBook for me to read by emailing I do not guarantee I'll read everything you suggest, and if I do read it, I will only post it on this site if I like it. I'll read every email that comes to me, but I cannot promise to reply to every one. I will only post reviews of short ebooks and collections of short writing that are available from at least one of the three largest ebook retailers: Amazon,, and Kobo. I only review completed works of novella length or shorter or collections of works of the same length. I review on my Kindle, and therefore I only accept review copies in the Kindle MOBI format. Acceptance of a review copy does not constitute the guarantee of a review.

You can also email guest post suggestions to I will consider guest posts if they are 100% relevant to this site. In particular, I welcome guest posts from authors who want to "introduce" their short eBook. I will happily accept guest posts for books I might not read. However, I reserve the right to decline to post any guest post, for any reason. I will not post anything I think is racist, sexist, homophobic, or insulting to any group, nor will I accept guest posts introducing books that are any of those things. 

Other Inquiries

If you want to contact me for any other reason, you can email


I wrote two of the books on this site (Taming the Work Week and Navigating the Path to Industry). I am also now publishing short ebooks, and will post an entry about any book I publish here. However, publicizing my books is not my motivation in creating this site. Tungsten Hippo is motivated by self-interest, but it is my self-interest as a reader, not as a writer. I want to encourage more people to read short eBooks so that more people will write and publish them, so that I have more interesting short eBooks to read.

I know some of the authors of the books on this site. This made me more likely to read their books, but not more likely to like them. The same will be true if anyone offers me a free copy of their book. And, as noted above, I only post books I like.

Each book entry now has a disclosure notice at the bottom. This indicates whether I wrote the book, published the book, or received a free copy. I am working through the archives adding disclosure notices. However, you can assume any entry without a disclosure notice has no disclosures.

Links to Amazon,, and Kobo are affiliate links. I am open to other ways to make this site pay for its own upkeep, but will always disclose such things here.