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The End

I have some news that is both exciting and a little sad: I am going to stop posting new content to Tungsten Hippo. The website will remain up, with the archives intact. But I have decided it is time to stop updating it. 

Tungsten Hippo started as a learning project for me, back in September of 2013Over the years, I've read a lot of great short ebooks and collections of short stories. I also founded Annorlunda Books and started publishing short ebooks and collections of short writing. I still love short ebooks!

However, the short writing world has changed a bit since 2013. I've noticed that it is getting harder and harder to find good short ebooks by searching Amazon. There are too many people gaming the algorithm, and I also think there are fewer self-publishers trying to publish their short writing in this way. There are many great online magazines filling the gap. I want to read more short stories, regardless of how they are published! I considered changing the parameters on Tungsten Hippo to include short writing published online, but instead I've decided it is time to say good by to the Hippo, and move on to something else.

And that brings us to the exciting part of this news! Annorlunda Books is launching a new monthly newsletter, Inbox Stories. This newsletter will deliver two story recommendations to your inbox each month... and, if you sign up for the paid edition at $5/year, you'll also get the full text of a story each month. The stories will be a mix of classics and new writing published by Annorlunda Books. The recommendations might be short ebooks, online short stories, or a story from a collection.  Also, I realized I'd miss an outlet for my love of saving quotes from the things I read, so there will be a quote of the month, and probably occasional other short writing related content, too.

The first Inbox Stories newsletter goes out on November 20, so sign up now! 

Sign up for the paid edition here. If you want to sign up for the free edition and just get the recommendations, you can do that via the form on the Inbox Stories home page or via this link.

Thank you for reading Tungsten Hippo! I have enjoyed creating this site, but am exciting to move on to new things. I hope you'll join me at Inbox Stories!

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