The Nigerian-Nordic Girl's Guide to Lady Problems

This is a beautifully-written and at times funny story about the unlikely topic of fibroids. The author uses her condition to explore her place in the two cultures of her heritage, and the result is a thought-provoking a wonderful story.


Faith Adiele

The Tale of the Wicked

This is a standard space fight short story- with a hell of a twist. In typical John Scalzi fashion, the story will entertain you AND leave you thinking.


John Scalzi

A Taster Flight of Stories about Love

You may have noticed that I never recommend any romance books here. It is not that I am opposed to the depiction of love in the stories I read. It is not that at all- Jane Austen is one of my favorite authors. The problem is that I am having a hard time finding good, well-written romance short ebooks to recommend. A steamy love scene is not enough to make me overlook the fact that the rest of the book is dreck. If you have recommendations for romance short ebooks I should check out, definitely leave them in the comments.

Normally Special

The stories in this collection are mostly dark, and often disturbing, but they are always compelling. They explore how people react to difficult situations, and the characters' reactions are far from perfect. But the characters are more believable for this, and the sympathy with which they are treated ultimately makes this collection less dark than a summary of the stories would imply.

Pretty Bird

This is an unsettling story, but it is well told and the fast-paced plot draws you in. It is set in a dystopic future in which all animals have been killed due to a plague of some sort, which makes it very strange for a bird to show up on our protagonist's front porch. Things just get weirder from there.


Eli Nixon

The Beaten Track

This book is part travelogue and part an examination of what "independent travel" has become and what that means for the individuals travelling and the communities they visit. The travel stories are wonderfully engaging and the wider arguments about travel are thought-provoking and well-presented.


Sarah Menkedick

The Martini of Destiny

This is a page-turner of a story, set in an intriguing world in which certain bartenders can nudge their patrons towards their fates. The story follows what happens when a mysterious stranger comes into the bar of one such bartender. The ending leaves you hanging a bit, but the story is fun enough that I forgave that, and will just look for the next installment in the series.


Anthony St. Clair

Battle at the End of Eden

This book is a heart-warming tale of death and destruction- really. It explores the methods required to eradicate invasive species (that's the death and destruction part) and also the motivations for doing so (that's the heart-warming part). It is a well-written and interesting look at what it takes to reverse the damage we do when we bring invasive species to new locations to serve our short term needs.


Amanda R. Martinez

Life after Wartime

This collection of short stories is set in a universe in which Earth has colonized the outer planets and moons of our solar system... and fought a war with the colonies. These stories are set after that war, and explore various facets of life, including the aftermath of the war. The universe and characters are believable and feel real, and the stories are inventive.

Of Mice and Me

Mishka Shubaly doesn't think he can be trusted to care for any other living thing. But then he inexplicably decides to rescue a little mouse orphaned by a dog on his sister's property. This book is partly a sweet story of how he cares for the mouse, and partly a story of how the mouse helps him change how he views himself.


Mishka Shubaly

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