Gut Instinct

If you've ever wondered about celiac disease, the serious disease behind the current gluten free craze, this book is for you. But it is more than just an introduction to celiac disease and what life with this difficult condition is like. It is also a well-written and at times funny look at life at the boundaries of modern medical knowledge, and how to remain a happy person even when you cannot become a perfectly healthy patient.


Heather Abel

The Fort of Young Saplings

This story is a masterful blend of memoir, history, and a contemplation about how we interpret and understand history. The author's father was adopted into the Tlingit people when she was a child. Years later, she follows that tenuous link and ends up exploring the history of a battle that the European-centric historical narrative remembers as an epic defeat of the Tlingit and Tlingit remember quite differently.


Vanessa Veselka

Old Girls in Low Cotton

A bittersweet but funny story about a woman who sets out to start over after her husband is killed, but finds herself sharing a trailer with her mother-in-law instead. The characters are believable and ultimately likable, the sort you wish you could reach into the book and help sort through the mess they're making.


Helen Childress


This is a lighthearted story of love and adventure, set in a not-quite dystopic future in which government is by wiki. The world-building is inventive, believable, and thought-provoking, and the story is fun and satisfying.


Paul Di Filippo

Read Your Resolutions

I’m running a mini-campaign to encourage people to sign up for the new Tungsten Hippo mailing list. The tagline I chose is “Resolved to read more, but short on time? Read shorter books!” It is too early to say whether or not it will be a successful campaign, but it has got me thinking about books and New Year’s Resolutions.

Tin Cat

This is the story of a comic store owner who has had to adjust to life in a wheelchair after an accident, but whose ideas about what her life will be like are upended by the arrival of a cat and a handsome time-traveling stranger. The blend of sci-fi and romance elements leads to a fast-paced and fun read


Misa Buckley

Ice Age Forensics: Reconstructing the Death of a Wooly Bison

This book may be a little heavy on technical detail for some, but it also provides a fascinating detective story of sorts, explaining what scientists were able to determine from a frozen bison mummy discovered in Alaska and how they determined it.


R. Dale Guthrie

The Man Who Owns Little

This is an epistolary story examining the end of a friendship between two men. Pothier has a genius for portraying the difficulties and beauty of human relationships, and this story does not disappoint in that regard.


Mark Ernest Pothier

Alan Turing: Unlocking the Enigma

This is a concise and well-written biography of Alan Turing, perfect for someone who is interested in knowing a bit about Turing and his work, but doesn't want to do the deep dive into the topic that a longer biography would entail


David Boyle

Taster Flight: Travel

It is time for another taster flight! To recap, a taster flight is a pairing of three or four short ebooks that all explore a similar topic. Today's taster flight is travel, and specifically our motivations for traveling.

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