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Expecting book cover

This short look at pregnancy advice through the ages is an adapted excerpt from a longer work, but it is an exceptionally well done one. It stands on its own as a great, brief look at the topic. If you've ever been on the receiving end of pregnancy advice, or if you're just curious about what society tells pregnant women to do and why, this book is for you.


Marika Seigel

Papercuts 1: The Dead and the Quick

Papercuts: The Dead and the Quick book cover

This is a delightful short book about a journalist who returns home to attend his first mentor's funeral, and finds himself caught up in the struggles of the local newspaper his mentor was running. The author has a background in crime writing. He has brought that fast-paced style to this story, and it works well. The characters and plot are both really enjoyable. My only complaint is that there is both a series of "Papercuts" stories and a novel-length book coming out later this year, and it is not immediately clear how they related.


Colin Bateman

Seismic Shift

In the aftermath of an earthquake, a mother and father struggle to reach their young son. The mother also finds herself on a journey through memories long buried, which might shed some light on her failing marriage. The external events add extra drama to what is essentially an internal plot of coming to understand the reasons for your own emotions.


Carolyn Nash

Introducing: Giovanni Goes to Med School

Today's post is a Book Introduction for the first in a planned series of novellas about B-movie monsters in the modern world...  which sounds like a lot of fun!

Zombies: A Labor Of Love

by Kathy Bryson

Those who know me were a little surprised by the choice of zombies in my new series. Okay, they weren’t that surprised. Earlier I wrote leprechaun love stories, so really zombies weren’t that odd a choice for me. But they were a very personal one.


This book consists of short histories of accomplished and influential women scientists. All the ones you know are in the book, but what makes it special is that a lot of women scientists you've never heard of are in the book, too. Reading about the amazing, important things women you've never heard of have done is both eye-opening and inspiring (and a little infuriating). I found the essays to be perfect short reads for evenings when I wanted to read something to wind down at the end of the day, but didn't have much time.


Rachek Swaby

Short eBooks as Samplers

One of the common strategies I see larger publishing companies taking with short ebooks is to use them as samplers for a larger series. While I strongly dislike the practice of breaking something that is properly a novel into several small "novellas," I enjoy series of novellas and I enjoy the sampler approach. The difference is that in the latter two approaches, the short ebook stands on its own. It has a full story arc, and comes to a statisfying ending within that arc, even if it is clear there is more to the overall story.

The Devil You Know

The Devil You Know

The most famous philosopher in the world wants to sell his soul to buy 20 more years for his work, and the demon sent to complete the transaction is suspicious that he's trying to pull a trick of some sort. But what? The "mystery" aspect of the plot is fun, and the fantasy world in which the action is set is interesting (particularly for the glimpses of the bureaucracy of Hell...) but the real joy in this novella is the character of the demon and what the attempt to understand the philosopher's motives does to him.


K.J. Parker

Bag of Meat on Ball of Dirt

Bag of Meat on Ball of Dirt book cover

Mara Altman sets off on a journey of discovery to India... but she's not trying to find herself. She is trying to understand why so many Westerners go to India to try to find themselves. The book manages to take the desire to find oneself seriously without taking itself too seriously, and the result is a fun read that sneaks in some thought-provoking ideas.


Mara Altman

Introducing: 31 Ghost Novels to Read Before You Die

Time for another Book Introduction guest post! This week, we have an introduction to a collection of essays about ghost stories, from writer and ghost story enthusiast Deb Atwood.

31 Ghost Novels to Read Before You Die

by Deb Atwood

31 Ghost Novels to Read Before You Die book cover.

I’ve never seen a ghost. And—gasp—I’m not sure I believe in ghosts.

But I love them.

The World That Forgot How to Dance

The World That Forgot How to Dance book cover

This story is set in a world where dancing can summon magic, and where both the dancing and the magic are banned. The story follows a young woman who loves to dance, and wants to bring it back into the world. Her first attempt to do this goes wrong, and she ends up in jail. There, she meets a fellow prisoner who makes her change how she thinks about her experience, which sets in motion events that will force her to confront her fears and find strengths she didn't know she had.


Olivia Berrier

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