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Love and Other Happy Endings

This is a collection of five classic short stories that have a "happy ending." They are all love stories, but they are quite different from each other, ranging from humorous (Akin to Love) to heartwarming (The Other Man's Wife) to a bit bittersweet (Head and Shoulders). This is the second "taster flight" of classic short stories that I have published via my Annorlunda Books imprint. (The first was Missed Chances.) Once again, I really enjoyed reading the stories over and over as I prepared the book.


M.R. Nelson

Introducing: Risen

This is a Book Introduction guest post from M. T. Miller, introducing a "grim but funny" book. The description reminds me a bit of the movie Memento, which might just be enough to make me pick it up. Read the introduction and see if it intrigues you, too.


by M.T. Miller

Risen book cover


Book cover of Binti

This novella works on many levels. It is an interesting and well-plotted story, that drew me in and made me want to keep reading. It has fascinating and believable characters, so that even without the action in the story, I would have wanted to keep reading to learn more about the lead character in particular. The universe Okorafor constructed is also fascinating, and discovering more about it also made me want to keep reading.


Nnedi Okorafor

Taster Flight: Everyday Supernatural

We have always turned to stories to help us understand our world and our place in it. Nowadays, we have scientific explanations for most natural phenomenon, but there are still aspects of our world that science does not explain. Why bad things happen to good people. Why people do evil things. The power of love, for better and for worse. In these cases, stories with the supernatural can help us make sense of it all, even if they are completely fictional. Today's taster flight has four such stories: everyday life, with the supernatural ever present.

Villa Bohème

Villa Boheme book cover

This is a fun and entertaining story that will also leave you thinking about how our lives can land us in places we never expected to be, and how much control we do or do not have over that process. The main character is a teenage boy, just starting to figure out what sort of person he wants to be. He is a likeable lead character, but the real insights come from contrasting him with the adults who make up the rest of the cast.


Kevin A. González

Introducing: Cat Lady

This is a Book Introduction guest post from Mary M. Schmidt, introducing a short book in the form of a narrative poem, that takes place in a Roman feral cat colony with an all feline goat chorus. And if that doesn't hook you, read on... I think the rest of the introduction will!

The SEA Is Ours

This is a collection of steampunk short stories set in Southeast Asia, written and edited by Southeast Asian authors. It takes steampunk beyond its usual setting of pseudo-Victorian England or America, and opens it up to the wider world. Half of the fun of this collection is exploring the different worlds invented in these stories- they are interesting and well built. The other half of the fun is the stories themselves, which are generally well-plotted and well told.


Jaymee Goh

Joyce Chng

The Importance of Stories

Unlike most people, I don't think of Snape when I think of Alan Rickman. I think of Colonel Brandon.

Alan Rickman as Colonel Brandon

As I searched for the perfect image to include in this post, I came across evidence that I am not alone in that feeling.

Where Agatha Christie Dreamed Up Murder

Where Agatha Christie Dreamed Up Murder book cover

This is a diverting short read about Agatha Christie's estate. Part history and part travel writing, this book is a fun and interesting read for anyone who enjoys Christie's books, or ever went through an "Agatha Christie phase." The book left me wanting to make my own visit to Greenway.


Joshua Hammer

Introducing: The Tale of Sawney Bean

This is the second Book Introduction guest post. I’m not a big fan of horror—the genre tends to give me nightmares. But why should my squeamishness keep the rest of you from a good story? Here author Kevin J. Kennedy introduces his new horror novella.

The Tale of Sawney Bean: A Cannibal Horror Story

by Kevin J Kennedy

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