The Pauper Prince and the Eucalyptus Jinn

This is a really enjoyable and unusual book. At first, I thought this was going to be a fairy tale like story, told as a reminiscence from a grandfather, but then it turned into a story of a young man finding his own place in the world away from his family, And then it turned again- one of the delights of this book is that you never really know what is coming next. The plot held my attention through all the turns, and I was rooting for the main character to figure it all out, whatever I thought "it" was at that point in the story.


Usman T. Malik

The Hippo Turns Two!

Two years ago Tuesday, I posted my first short ebook recommendation, and Tungsten Hippo was born. This website started as a "learner project" to give me the excuse to learn Drupal, and because I was itching to build something. It has grown into a part of my little business.

Kia and Gio

This is an urban fantasy story, but at its heart it is a story about love and loss, and learning to move on. It is also beautifully written, with interesting and believable characters. In short, it is definitely worth your time.


Daniel José Older

The Girls Alone

This short ebook is part family history, part memoir, and part travel narrative. Bonnie Rough explores her Estonian heritage and Estonia, and produces a very readable story of personal growth and discovery, and coming to terms with our whole selves.


Bonnie J. Rough

Elephants and Corpses

This action-packed short story is set in a world in which people can learn how to inhabit corpses and others can learn to talk to the dead. The world-building is wonderful, particularly for such a short story, and the characters are interesting and believable. The plot follows a corpse-jumper and his assistant as they struggle to deal with the consequences when someone takes an interest in their most recently acquired corpse.


Kameron Hurley

I Feel Bad About My Neck

When I was bemoaning the signs of age, both physical and mental, and the fact that doctor's visits often result in a diagnosis that begins with "as we age..." a friend recommended this book. It is a collection of essays that are mostly funny, sometimes thought-provoking, and always worth reading. Not all of the essays are about aging, but all offer insights into life, from a woman whose life was truly well-lived.

Taster Flight: SFF - Mystery Mashup

I love a good mystery. And I love science fiction and fantasy. It is perhaps not surprising that I really enjoy a good combination of the two genres. If the idea sounds intriguing to you, too, here is a taster flight of science fiction or fantasy stories that are also mysteries or detective stories.

The Uncertainty Principle, by John Moralee, is a classic police procedural, set in a dystopic future.

Rabbits with Horns and Other Astounding Viruses

This book isn't really an introduction to the world of viruses, more like a teaser. Zimmer provides a glimpse into the weirdness that is viruses, giving satisfying, complete stories about the viruses he discusses, but making it clear that there is many more wonderful stories out there for people who want to explore more. This is a book that will reward your time, and leave you with an increased sense of the wonderful diversity of the natural world.


Carl Zimmer

First Flight

A historical society wants footage of the first real flight by the Wright brothers. The only problem is, it doesn't exist. A new invention provides a solution: they can send someone back in time to capture the footage, but there's a catch. You can only go back in time as far as your birth day. And that is how Eleanor Louise Jackson comes to be sent back in time. To tell anymore risks ruining this delightful short story, which really shows how much a talented author can do with the form.


Mary Robinette Kowal

Read Together: The Scientific Discovery Edition

I haven’t posted a “Read Together” short ebook pairing in a long time. I am surprised to discover that these pairings are harder to find than the “Taster Flights” I’ve been posting. But I have a new pairing for you, and it is one I can’t believe I didn’t recognize earlier.

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