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The Shoe Boy: A Trapline Memoir

The Shoe Boy book cover

This is a memoir of the author's season living in the deep Canadian bush, hunting and trapping. The story is well-written and engaging, and it alone would make this book worth your time. But this book is something more, too. The author is Anishinaabe, a member of the Chippewas of Georgina Island First Nation in southern Ontario, and his time in the bush is spent with a James Bay Cree family.


Duncan McCue

The Secret Dead

The Secret Dead book cover, a single monk on a white background.

This is a short mystery, set in a Dominican monastery in 16th century Naples. The mystery part is not particularly surprising, but the story is still enjoyable to read. The historical setting is well-drawn, the characters are interesting, and the writing moves you through the story even once you have guessed the ultimate outcome. It is great escapism, because it draws you completely into the the setting that is completely removed from our modern world.


S.J. Parris

February Giveaway: Love and Other Happy Endings

I just notified the winners of January's giveaway. Onward to February's giveaway!

This month, I'm giving away TWO copies of Love and Other Happy Endings, the anthology I put together of classic short love stories.

Love and Other Happy Endings book cover


Mister Mottley and the Kiss of Death

Mister Mottley and the Kiss of Death book cover

This is the second Mister Mottley short mystery I have read, and it is just as enjoyable as the first (Mister Mottley and the Key of D). It is a light-hearted and quick moving mystery set among the British upperclass in the 1930s. If you're looking for some fun distraction, the Mister Mottley mysteries deliver it. However, this particular mystery is very short, and light on character development.


Ellen Seltz

Reading for The Resistance

I initially intended to write a somewhat light-hearted, if still seriously intended, Taster Flight of short ebooks to read to shore you up to resist the harmful actions of the new administration in the White House. But then, those actions got even more ominous. Friday's executive order on immigration was useless in increasing our safety, needlessly cruel in its extent, and sloppy in its implementation. News that White House political strategist is going to be on the National Security Council is simply breathtaking. It is unprecedented, and for good reason.

Rattlesnake Stories

Rattlesnake Stories book cover

On the surface, this is a light-hearted story about a woman who moves to a ranch in rural Texas and has to overcome her fear of rattlesnakes. There is something a little deeper in it, too, though, because rattlesnakes are just the most obvious manifestation of her fears. There aren't necessarily any new insights about overcoming fear in the book, but it is an enjoyable read, and sometimes a slightly humorous reminder of how to handle fear is just what you need.


Anna Mitchael

Zero Station

Zero Station book cover

This enjoyable novella tells a first contact story, with the twist that the story is told twice. The first half of the book is the story from the viewpoint of the humans, and the second half is the story from the viewpoint of the extraterrestrial species that has crash landed in Antarctica. The second telling is not repetitive. Instead it expands and deepens the story, and answers some of the questions raised in the first telling.


Amanda Hamm

When Lions Roared

When Lions Roared

This book is a well-executed blend of history and personal reflection about the end of apartheid. It covers the rise of the student movements that helped end it, and does not flinch from showing the cost paid by the participants in these movements. It is an engrossing read, and a reminder that while determined citizens can fight oppression, some of them will pay a terrible price for doing so.


Manju Soni

January Giveaway: The Lilies of Dawn

I just drew the winner for December's giveaway and notified the winner. So now it is time to post January's giveaway.

This month, I'll be giving away TWO copies of The Lilies of Dawn, Vanessa Fogg's beautiful fantasy coming-of-age novelette.

The Lilies of Dawn cover


Caresaway book cover

This is a near future "inside your head" thriller about a scientist who discovers what seems like a miracle cure for depression, only to find that it comes with a terrible cost, both to himself and to the world. This tautly written novelette will make you ask yourself questions about how far you'd go for success. If there was a pill that made you successful, would you take it? What if it also made you a psychopath?


DJ Cockburn

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