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The Nun, The Gun, and Tom Mix


Suda J. Prohaska

The plot of this charming novella sounds surreal when summarized: a somewhat unsuccessful American man whose mother always told him that his father was Tom Mix falls in love with the music of a Mexican band called Los Gatos Negros, and when he hears that they are in danger from the drug cartels, decides to head to Mexico to rescue them. Meanwhile, the head nun in a convent in a little Mexican town is struggling to deal with the departure of their priest, and the head of one of the drug cartels is longing to leave that all behind and live the life of an artist. All three characters converge in a small town not far from the US-Mexico border, and then things get really weird. But somehow, the characters and their decisions are believable, and the story not only works, but leaves you thinking.

Favorite Thing: 
The surprisingly believable characters
The Nun, The Gun, and Tom Mix book cover
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Not part of a series
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