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Papercuts 1: The Dead and the Quick


Colin Bateman

This is a delightful short book about a journalist who returns home to attend his first mentor's funeral, and finds himself caught up in the struggles of the local newspaper his mentor was running. The author has a background in crime writing. He has brought that fast-paced style to this story, and it works well. The characters and plot are both really enjoyable. My only complaint is that there is both a series of "Papercuts" stories and a novel-length book coming out later this year, and it is not immediately clear how they related. I found a story profiling the author that indicates they are a series of related stories, and the longer book will just collect them. Assuming that's true, I wouldn't wait for the book: just start reading this fun story now.

Favorite Thing: 
The characters
Papercuts: The Dead and the Quick book cover
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Part of Series: 
Part of a series of short stories/novellas
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