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February Giveaway: Love and Other Happy Endings

I just notified the winners of January's giveaway. Onward to February's giveaway!

This month, I'm giving away TWO copies of Love and Other Happy Endings, the anthology I put together of classic short love stories.

Love and Other Happy Endings book cover


Reading for The Resistance

I initially intended to write a somewhat light-hearted, if still seriously intended, Taster Flight of short ebooks to read to shore you up to resist the harmful actions of the new administration in the White House. But then, those actions got even more ominous. Friday's executive order on immigration was useless in increasing our safety, needlessly cruel in its extent, and sloppy in its implementation. News that White House political strategist is going to be on the National Security Council is simply breathtaking. It is unprecedented, and for good reason.

January Giveaway: The Lilies of Dawn

I just drew the winner for December's giveaway and notified the winner. So now it is time to post January's giveaway.

This month, I'll be giving away TWO copies of The Lilies of Dawn, Vanessa Fogg's beautiful fantasy coming-of-age novelette.

The Lilies of Dawn cover

Book Introduction: Collected Christmas Horror Shorts

I have a short book intro for you today. I don't read horror, but I assume some of you do, so I always offer a book intro post for anyone who contacts me offering a review copy of a horror book. (Actually, there is a standing offer of a book intro post for anyone who has written a short ebook or a collection of short stories!)

Anyway, today Kevin J. Kennedy introduces us to a book in which he has a short story:

Collected Christmas Horror Shorts

Edited by Brandy Yassa

December Giveaway: Amazon Gift Card

I was so excited by the response to last month's giveaway that I decided to giveaway multiple copies of Unspotted. I've drawn the winners and notified them, so now it is time to post the new giveaway for December.

This month, I will be giving away a $6 Amazon gift card. I picked the value because most short ebooks are $2.99, so a $6 gift card will let the winner pick two new short ebooks to try.

Giveaway: Unspotted

I've decided to start a new feature here at Tungsten Hippo: A monthly giveaway. Sometimes, I'll giveaway an ebook from the Annorlunda Books imprint that I run. Sometimes, another author or publisher might provide a book for me to giveaway. And sometimes, I'll take some of the money I make from the referral links on this site and giveaway a small gift card for Amazon, Kobo,, or iBooks.

Book Introduction: The Ruins

Today's Book Introduction guest post comes from Daniel Bristow-Bailey, introducing his historical fiction novella, The Ruins, set in seventh century England. This is a fascinating time in history, with a lot of social change, which makes for an interesting back drop to a story. I'm looking forward to reading this novella!

The Ruins

by Daniel Bristow-Bailey

Giveaway: Giovanni Meets A Coven

Earlier this year, I featured a Book Introduction guest post from Kathy Bryson about her novella Giovanni Goes to Med School. She's back with a sequel, and this time, I'm hosting a giveaway. Entering is simple: just enter your email address on the entry form.

About the Book

Giovanni Meets a Coven is a slapstick novella about B movie monsters, and it can be read as a stand-alone book.

A Review of Reviews

When Deb Atwood contacted me offering me a review copy of her book 31 Ghost Novels to Read before You Die, I accepted it because it sounded like an interesting concept. (You can read her introduction to the book in an earlier post.)

I didn’t stop to think about how meta it would be to recommend a book full of recommendations for other books… But wow, is it meta. This is why I haven’t made the book one of my weekly recommendations. It turns out, it was just a little too meta for me.

Book Introduction: Drawing in the Dark

Time for a Book Introduction post! Today's post comes from Jeremy Baker, introducing his story collection, Drawing in the Dark. I love the image of using writing to turn yourself into a damp washcloth, so you can wring out some of the emotions.

Drawing in the Dark book cover

Why I Write

by Jeremy Baker

Kandahar, Spring 2002

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