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Browse and You Will Find

Searching for something isn’t always the best way to find it. This is particularly true if what you’re looking for is different things to read, since all of your search terms will probably be based on your past reading. Sometimes what you really need is a good site to browse. This is why I started Tungsten Hippo, but it is far from the only site to browse on the internet if you’re looking for short eBooks. Periodically, I’ll post links to other sites that are good for browsing for short eBooks. Here are the first three:

Thin Reads is a great site to poke around if you’re looking for new things for your eReader. It has reviews, interviews with authors, and a bestsellers list. Its focus is primarily on things published by publishing companies (i.e., not independently published eBooks) and it doesn’t seem to cover sci-fi and fantasy, so you’ll miss a lot of great things if you make it your only source of new things to read, but it is an excellent resource for finding new books.

The Atavist publishes short eBooks, and has a back catalog full of interesting things. (See for instance, Solomon’s Island.) You can buy the eBooks published by The Atavist individually, or you can choose one of their subscription options.

The Millions is a website about all things literary. Exploring this site is definitely worth the time the reader interested in short things to read. It publishes reviews of short story collections (e.g., this review of László Krasznahorkai’s Seiobo There Below), and also publishes short eBooks called The Millions Originals (e.g., The Pioneer Detectives).

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