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Don't Give an Empty eReader: 5 Ideas for Short eBooks to Include

I got my first eReader as a gift, for Christmas. I was very excited to get it- I really wanted an eReader, but had not expected the gift. So I opened it up with real glee. I turned it on and connected it to our wireless network, and then I was a bit lost for what to do next. What book should I load onto it? Should I buy one or find a free one? I didn’t stay paralyzed for long, but I also haven’t read many of the books I loaded on it that first day. I have asked around a bit, and my experience doesn’t seem to be unique. So if you’re thinking of giving someone an eReader as a gift, my recommendation is to also give a couple of books to get them started. And of course, I think that short eBooks are the way to go! But which short eBooks to give? Unless you know the person very well, this can be a tricky question. Here are my top five suggestions for short eBooks that I think most people will enjoy.

1. Pleased to Be Otherwise, by Gina Ochsner This is such a quirky and fun story, that I have a hard time imagining anyone disliking it- but I’m sure there is someone out there who won’t. But you probably don’t know them.

2. Nothing of Me, by Eugie Foster This is technically a fantasy, but the fantasy elements are low key. That, coupled with the intriguing story and references to classic myth should give this story broad appeal.

3. Solomon’s Island, by Matthew Fishbane This is a travel story that includes history and politics. Even people who don’t usually like travelogues will probably enjoy the other aspects of this book.

4. Gutenberg the Geek, by Jeff Jarvis This is a particularly good choice for someone who is into computers or technology, but should also be interesting for a history buff.

5. Don’t Eat Cat, by Jess Walter This one might be a bit riskier than the others, because some people don’t like stories set in the future, or zombie stories. But I think the humor and human angle will win most of those people over. Of course, if you know the reading tastes of the recipient, you can also browse the categories here and find more ideas to make that eReader gift fun from the moment it is opened.

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