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Introducing: Cerulean Rising: Beginnings

This is the first in what I hope will become a somewhat regular series of guest posts from authors introducing their short ebooks. It is modeled on the Big Idea posts at John Scalzi's Whatever blog, with the idea that a book's author can use this space to tell us why we should read their book. I have read and enjoyed all the books I post as recommendations on this site. That is not the case for books posted in this category. I reserve the right to turn down a book for any reason, but I do not have to have read the book to agree to host a guest post. In some cases (like this one), I might read the book later. In others, I might not.

Authors, if you are interested in participating in this series, there is more info, including my contact info, in the About page for this site. Readers, I hope you enjoy this series and that it helps introduce you to even more short ebooks for your ereaders!

Cereulean Rising: Beginnings

By Justin Sewall

I don’t believe in coincidences. So when I received an email offering an opportunity to do voice-over work, ten minutes after telling coworkers I was interested in doing just that, let’s say my curiosity was piqued. A friend of mine was putting together a team to develop a stable of indie games that would all exist within the expanse of one fictitious universe. Was I interested? Not having a clue what I was signing up for, I joined his band of digital mercenaries and prepared to add my vocal talents to the fray. But how did this end up with me writing a book?

He had the nugget of a story, a main character with the barest of backgrounds and a group of engineered super-soldiers called BLUE MONARCHS. We needed something that would begin fleshing out our new universe and thus Cerulean Rising was born. Aptly subtitled, Beginnings it introduces one of the main protagonists, Emerson Avery, and his life on a secret military installation in human controlled space.

Although Cerulean Rising is set in the far future during the middle of a war against a deadly enemy, the science fiction elements are designed to not overwhelm the reader. This story is about people, who just happen to live in an age of faster-than-light travel and fantastic technology. People react, make bad decisions and poor choices just as they do today. As events unfold, Emerson’s life is upended and he finds himself on the run and in a fight for his own survival.

Cerulean Rising: Beginnings was released on Amazon in Nov., 2013. Part two, Cerulean Rising: Evolutions, is currently in the editing phase and slated for release on Jan. 20, 2016. Specimen, the first game developed by Diadem Studios, is set in the BLUE MONARCH universe and is currently available for iOS.

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