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Introducing Collections

The big news around here this week is that I have added collections of short writing to the site. When I first started this site, I wanted to highlight short form writing. I initially focused on short ebooks, and that focus will remain. However, I soon realized that a lot of wonderful short form writing is available only in collections. Since my interest is in the writing and not in how it is packaged, I decided to add collections to the site.

Adding collections required that I create a new content type on the site, and tweak my css to make sure it displayed properly. Tungsten Hippo is a side project for me, so it took me several months to piece together the time required to complete the work. This week, it finally all came together and I posted my first two collections: How to Slowly Kill Yourself and Others in America, a collection of essays by Kiese Laymon, and Some of the Best of 2012 Edition, a collection of sci-fi and fantasy stories from Tor. Both are excellent, but I particularly recommend the title essay in Laymon’s collection.

My plan is to add one new collection each month, posted on the first Thursday of the month. I hope you find the recommendations useful- and as always, if you have suggestions for collections or stand alone short ebooks I should consider for the site, you can email them to me at Or, since I now have commenting working, too, you can leave a comment below!

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