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Taster Flight: SFF - Mystery Mashup

I love a good mystery. And I love science fiction and fantasy. It is perhaps not surprising that I really enjoy a good combination of the two genres. If the idea sounds intriguing to you, too, here is a taster flight of science fiction or fantasy stories that are also mysteries or detective stories.

The Uncertainty Principle, by John Moralee, is a classic police procedural, set in a dystopic future.

A Shard Glows in Brooklyn, by Alex Shvartsman, is more of a noir story, but still a detective story. It is set in an alternate version of New York City, in which magic exists and so does a special force whose job it is to keep magic from disturbing the "normal" world. The protagonist of the story has to track down a rare crystal that is somewhere in the city.

Day Breaks, by Matthew Reuther, is another police procedural, but this time set in a fantasy world with a Goblin Court and other fantastical elements.


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