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Top Eight Reasons I Love Short eBooks

A few weeks ago, I started tweeting out my top reasons for loving short ebooks. I ended up with eight. Perhaps it is appropriate that this is shorter than a top ten list, since it is about short writing… anyway, here were the reasons:

1. Short ebooks are like speed dating new authors.
2. Sometimes life is too busy for an 800 page book.
3. I am more likely to take a risk on something short, so I expand my reading horizons.
4. The best short stories distill the human experience down to the essence.
5. I can read an entire book in the time it takes my 4 y.o. to fall asleep.
6. They give me a chance to actually read what I load onto my ereader before a family vacation
7. Because every word has to count.
8. Because it only takes an hour or two to revisit old favorites.

What are your reasons?

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