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A Very Social Hippo

I have two goals for Tungsten Hippo: to increase the audience for short eBooks and to help people break free from the book-recommendation algorithms controlled by big companies and still find good things to read. I’ve taken to social media in support of these goals, and can be found on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Amazon (yes, even Amazon!) as well as here on my own website.

So, if you want to follow Tungsten Hippo, you have many options. Which network should you choose? While I’d be thrilled if the answer was “all of them” perhaps it would help if I told you what sorts of things I post on each network.

First of all, here on the main Tungsten Hippo website I will post a new book recommendation every Wednesday and a new quote every Friday. I’ll also post a new blog post most Mondays. I tweet out links to each new book recommendation and blog post. If the quote is short enough to fit into 140 characters, I tweet that out, too. I also tweet other reading and book-related links I find, and retweet things that seem relevant or just amuse me. Twitter is probably the social network on which I am most active. You can follow me at @TungstenHippo.

I post links to my book recommendations and blog posts on my Facebook page, and also post the quotes. I post other book and reading related links there, too. You can find me on Facebook at

I post links to book recommendations, links to blog posts, and quotes on my Tumblr site. I also reblog various book and reading-related things. I created a Tumblr site primarily because there are a lot of great literary Tumblr sites and I wanted to follow them. As I find particularly good things in my feed, I reblog them. I sometimes also share those things on the other networks, but not always. It depends on how much I love the post, and how busy I am at the time. My Tumblr site is also called Tungsten Hippo.

I pin book recommendations, and also various book and reading-related images.I find Pinterest to be particularly good for finding pictures of gorgeous libraries and book shops, fun book related things, and good quotes. I am particularly excited by a new board I've started for bookish travel ideas. I am on Pinterest as Tungsten Hippo, and have created several boards.

Finally, I have created an Amazon profile and am reviewing the books I recommend here. Because I only post books I like, my reviews are primarily four and five star reviews. I may occasionally decide to review and rate a book I don't like enough to post here, but I suspect that will be rare. I chose to rate books on Amazon rather than adding ratings here because I think the ratings will do authors the most good on Amazon. The Tungsten Hippo Amazon profile has links to all my reviews. I hope to see you on one of these networks. Don't be shy- say hi, and I'll almost certainly reply!

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