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Introducing Collections

The big news around here this week is that I have added collections of short writing to the site. When I first started this site, I wanted to highlight short form writing. I initially focused on short ebooks, and that focus will remain. However, I soon realized that a lot of wonderful short form writing is available only in collections. Since my interest is in the writing and not in how it is packaged, I decided to add collections to the site.

The Book That Gave Me Itchy Fingers

Once I determined that audiobooks were not the answer for my new longer commute, I decided to at least put a CD or two of mine in the car. I do not have a child in the car with me in this new commute configuration, so I can pick the music I want without having to argue with someone in the backseat.

Quotable Trumps Audible

My company recently moved to a new building, which has roughly doubled my commute. I’ve been trying different things to make the longer commute not feel like such a gigantic waste of time, so I signed up for an trial, downloaded a couple of books, and have been trying out listening to a book while I drive.

Short eBooks to Help with Your Resolutions

It is the time of year when a lot of us make resolutions for things we want to do differently in the new year. Sometimes, it helps to have a little nudge in the right direction. Here are some short eBooks that might provide that nudge:

Ten Short eBooks for Your New eReader

If you just got a new eReader for the holidays, you probably want to load it up with some things to read. Sure, you can add some novels you’ve been meaning to read, but why not explore the shorter works for which ereading provides a new market? Here are my top 10 “new to this” recommendations, to help you discover the joys of short form writing.

There's Something about Camels

I created the “Quirky Stories Involving Animals” category because of a story about a goat (Midnight’s Tale) and a story about a Unicorn (Problems With a Girl & a Unicorn,

Nothing New, Part II

I almost didn’t read Don’t Eat Cat, because I’m not a huge fan of zombie stories. It is a testament to the power of the short story that I decided to give it a try- it was well-rated on Amazon, didn’t cost much, and wouldn’t take long to read. So why not?

I’m glad I downloaded it and read it. There is a passage part way through the book that so thoroughly grabbed my attention it almost felt like it had reached out and given me a little shake:

Don't Give an Empty eReader: 5 Ideas for Short eBooks to Include

I got my first eReader as a gift, for Christmas. I was very excited to get it- I really wanted an eReader, but had not expected the gift. So I opened it up with real glee. I turned it on and connected it to our wireless network, and then I was a bit lost for what to do next. What book should I load onto it? Should I buy one or find a free one? I didn’t stay paralyzed for long, but I also haven’t read many of the books I loaded on it that first day. I have asked around a bit, and my experience doesn’t seem to be unique.

Nothing New

We sometimes think that we are living in times that are uniquely conducive to participatory entertainment, with our video games, blogs, YouTube, and the like. However, as Lawrence Lessig reminds us in One Way Forward, it only seems that our era is uniquely participatory because the prior era was uniquely non-participatory.

Naming the Hippo

When I first launched this site, the most common question I got from people was not “why would you do that?” (although, honestly, that is a valid question) but “why Tungsten Hippo?” I promised that I would eventually write the story of how I settled on that name. Unfortunately, it is not as interesting a story as the name suggests. But I’ll tell it anyway.


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