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All of Us, We All Are Arameans


Eileen Pollack

This book is a travelogue, the story of the trip one American Jewish woman took to Israel. She is somewhat ambivalent in her feelings about Israel, and is upfront about that, and one of the things we see in the book is her attempt to form solid opinions about the region and its conflicts. The tone stays one of a slightly introspective travelogue, not a weighty investigation of a difficult conflict, but one of the strengths of this book is how it shows the complexity inherent in any conflict that has centuries of history behind it. It also works as a straight-forward travel story: the places Pollack visits are interesting, and she describes them well.

Favorite Thing: 
The way the author shows the complexity of the issues in the region via her tourist experiences
All of Us, We All Are Arameans book cover
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Not part of a series
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