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Taster Flights

Blog posts with taster flights of short ebooks (3-4 short ebooks about the same topic or theme)

Taster Flight: Everyday Supernatural

We have always turned to stories to help us understand our world and our place in it. Nowadays, we have scientific explanations for most natural phenomenon, but there are still aspects of our world that science does not explain. Why bad things happen to good people. Why people do evil things. The power of love, for better and for worse. In these cases, stories with the supernatural can help us make sense of it all, even if they are completely fictional. Today's taster flight has four such stories: everyday life, with the supernatural ever present.

Taster Flight: In Search of Animals

One of the fun things about short ebooks is that they are evolving their own sub-genres. Today's taster flight is an example of that: all three books are about quests to find specific animals. The not too short, not too long length of short ebooks seems to really lend itself to these stories. There is space to provide background on the animal and the motivation for the quest, but not so much space that the story of the search gets boring.

Taster Flight: SFF - Mystery Mashup

I love a good mystery. And I love science fiction and fantasy. It is perhaps not surprising that I really enjoy a good combination of the two genres. If the idea sounds intriguing to you, too, here is a taster flight of science fiction or fantasy stories that are also mysteries or detective stories.

The Uncertainty Principle, by John Moralee, is a classic police procedural, set in a dystopic future.

Taster Flight: Assassins

I run an infrequent series of posts providing “taster flights” of short ebooks that all explore a similar topic from different angles. Much like taster flights of wine or beer help you better notice the subtle undertones of the individual members, a taster flight of short ebooks can help you notice aspects of the individual stories that you might have missed. Also, they're fun!

Taster Flight: Travel

It is time for another taster flight! To recap, a taster flight is a pairing of three or four short ebooks that all explore a similar topic. Today's taster flight is travel, and specifically our motivations for traveling.

A Taster Flight of Stories about Love

You may have noticed that I never recommend any romance books here. It is not that I am opposed to the depiction of love in the stories I read. It is not that at all- Jane Austen is one of my favorite authors. The problem is that I am having a hard time finding good, well-written romance short ebooks to recommend. A steamy love scene is not enough to make me overlook the fact that the rest of the book is dreck. If you have recommendations for romance short ebooks I should check out, definitely leave them in the comments.

A Taster Flight of Dystopic Futures

I am a fan of craft beers, and I love a good taster flight. I like the opportunity to sample several different beers in close enough succession to be able to accurately compare them. I find that being able to compare the different beers makes me notice subtle things in them, and enjoy them more.

Recently, it occurred to me that short ebooks can be a bit like a taster flight. You can sample several different author’s take on a topic in close succession, and sometimes you do notice more subtle details as a result.

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