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Hemmed In


M.R. Nelson

This is my fourth "taster flight" of classic short stories, and it may be my favorite. This anthology has six classic short stories about women's lives. They are classics (and in the public domain), so all are old, but they resonate with my modern experience of being a woman surprisingly well. I defy any woman who has ever worked in a male-dominated field to read the first story in this book (A Jury of Her Peers, by Susan Glaspell) and not nod her head in recognition at times. The anthology includes stories by Kate Chopin, Charlotte Gilman Perkins, Mary Lerner, Edna Ferber, and Willa Cather, as well. As has been the case with my earlier flights, these stories stood up well to the repeated re-readings that occurred during the process of building and formatting this book. I think you'll enjoy them, too!

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A Jury of Her Peers, by Susan Glaspell

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