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Read Together

Blog posts with "read together" suggestions (pairings of short ebooks that explore a related topic or theme)

Read Together: The Invasive Species Edition

This week’s Nonfiction November prompt is to pair a non-fiction book and a fiction book. I love doing this! I have two previous pairings under the Read Together heading- check them out.

Read Together: The Scientific Discovery Edition

I haven’t posted a “Read Together” short ebook pairing in a long time. I am surprised to discover that these pairings are harder to find than the “Taster Flights” I’ve been posting. But I have a new pairing for you, and it is one I can’t believe I didn’t recognize earlier.

Read Together: The Evolving Self Edition

A while back, I offered up a “taster flight” of dystopic visions of our future. I still intend to post some more taster flights, but today I have something a little different, more akin to a wine and cheese pairing. I have two short ebooks to recommend, both good reads on their own, but that when read together make something even better.

The common theme of these two books is technology that connects directly to- and is directly controlled by- a human brain.

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