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Sara Paretsky

I've always enjoyed Sara Paretsky's V.I. Warshawski detective novels, so I come to Wildcat as someone who already knows and loves the adult V.I. This short ebook is not about the adult V.I., though. It is about Warshawski when she is still Victoria, a 10 year old girl worried about her police officer father during a turbulent and ugly time in Chicago's history. Although the backstory it provides for fans of V.I. Warshawski may be the strongest thing about this ebook, it does stand alone as a solid short detective/action story, and I think people who have never read any of Paretsky's other books would enjoy it. One note of warning: the story is set during the Civil Rights movement, when Martin Luther King came to Chicago to try to work on desegregation. It accurately reflects his reception by some of the white people of Chicago, and as such some of the language used by characters is very ugly.

Favorite Thing: 
The character of Victoria.
Wildcat book cover: a view of downtown Chicago.
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Part of Series: 
Short story/novella related to a series of long books
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