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Book Introduction: Family Matters

Time for a Book Introduction guest post! Today, Sonya Watson introduces her collection of short stories, Family Matters.

Family Matters book cover


Family Matters

by Sonya Watson

I wrote Family Matters when I was having difficulty with writing my novel Echo. I wanted to reconnect with something from my childhood so I chose to write about nursery rhymes. I was intrigued by the nursery rhymes of my youth and I also felt challenged because I wanted to see if I was creative enough to create something from a few lines. Family Matters is the 1st of 4 editions that will be released over the course of 3 years. The 2nd edition will build on the stories that were released in the 1st edition as well as introduce new stories and characters. 

Family Matters is comprised of four stories namely Mary Mary Quite Contrary, Mary had a Little Lamb, Ring a Ring o' Roses and Jack and Jill. The stories are focused on family, self-discovery and relationships. I am intrigued by stories that showcase complex characters and stories with unexpected turns. Mary Mary Quite Contrary follows a woman named Mary who feeds a Garden the blood of her enemies in order to keep it alive. Mary had a Little Lamb follows a woman named Mary who tries to fill the void left behind by an incident that happened in her past.  Ring a Ring o' Roses follows three women. One woman can see fate; the second can weave fate and the third can change fate. Jack and Jill follows twins who sit on top of their hill watching their doubles live the lives they were meant to. These stories depict the strength of the characters, the deviousness of human nature and complex relationships. The women in these stories are strong and the men who support them are complex.   

You can buy Family Matters at, Indigo (for your Kobo ereader), or Smashwords.

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