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Posts announcing giveaways

June Giveaway: Missed Chances

I have a new Taster Flight coming out on June 7: Hemmed In is an anthology of classic short stories about women's lives. I think it is my favorite taster flight yet, and to celebrate its release, I decided to giveaway TWO copies of the very first Taster Flight I did, Missed Chances.

May Giveaway: A Gift Card to Your Favorite ebook Retailer

May is my birthday month, so it seems like a good month in which to do another gift card giveaway. I'll be giving away one $6 gift card to your favorite ebook retailer. Anyone can enter, but since it is my birthday month, I have a favor to ask: Tell a friend about Tungsten Hippo! Or, if you're more the social media type, share about it there. Tungsten Hippo posts get shared out on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr, so you have options.

April Giveaway: Okay, So Look

I've drawn the winner for March's giveaway, so it is time to move on to April....

This month, I'm back to giving away a book published by the company I run (Annorlunda Books). I'll be giving away two free copies of Okay, So Look, Micah Edwards' humorous retelling of the book of Genesis.

March Giveaway: The Shoe Boy

The winners of the February giveaway have been notified, so it is time to post the giveaway for March.

This month I am giving away one copy of a book I read recently and really loved: The Shoe Boy: A Trapline Memoir, by Duncan McCue.

The Shoe Boy book cover: black birds on a white background

February Giveaway: Love and Other Happy Endings

I just notified the winners of January's giveaway. Onward to February's giveaway!

This month, I'm giving away TWO copies of Love and Other Happy Endings, the anthology I put together of classic short love stories.

Love and Other Happy Endings book cover


January Giveaway: The Lilies of Dawn

I just drew the winner for December's giveaway and notified the winner. So now it is time to post January's giveaway.

This month, I'll be giving away TWO copies of The Lilies of Dawn, Vanessa Fogg's beautiful fantasy coming-of-age novelette.

The Lilies of Dawn cover

December Giveaway: Amazon Gift Card

I was so excited by the response to last month's giveaway that I decided to giveaway multiple copies of Unspotted. I've drawn the winners and notified them, so now it is time to post the new giveaway for December.

This month, I will be giving away a $6 Amazon gift card. I picked the value because most short ebooks are $2.99, so a $6 gift card will let the winner pick two new short ebooks to try.

Giveaway: Unspotted

I've decided to start a new feature here at Tungsten Hippo: A monthly giveaway. Sometimes, I'll giveaway an ebook from the Annorlunda Books imprint that I run. Sometimes, another author or publisher might provide a book for me to giveaway. And sometimes, I'll take some of the money I make from the referral links on this site and giveaway a small gift card for Amazon, Kobo,, or iBooks.

Giveaway: Giovanni Meets A Coven

Earlier this year, I featured a Book Introduction guest post from Kathy Bryson about her novella Giovanni Goes to Med School. She's back with a sequel, and this time, I'm hosting a giveaway. Entering is simple: just enter your email address on the entry form.

About the Book

Giovanni Meets a Coven is a slapstick novella about B movie monsters, and it can be read as a stand-alone book.

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