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Book Introduction: Riker's Calling

It has been awhile since we've had a Book Introduction guest post. This one has been in my "to do" box for awhile, but had to wait for me to return from vacation and get caught up with things. Today's introduction is of a crime thriller set in Los Angeles.

Riker's Calling book cover


Riker's Calling

by Rico Lamoureaux

Riker's Calling is the result of a few motivations, the first of which is always the case when I sit down to write a book. To engage, excite, and enlighten, this is how I see my job as a storyteller. It's what I have always taken away from my favorite books, and what I always hope to instill into readers with those that I pen myself.

My second motivation lies between the lines of Riker's Calling. A social commentary that does not preach, but instead subtly expresses the fact that we need more heroes in the world. People who are not afraid to support, in one form or another. 

The third motivation is similar to the second in that it asks to reflect. The more connected we get the smaller the world becomes, but we seem to be losing something in the process: Substance.

So yes, Riker's Calling is a Crime Thriller that is intended to heat up screens and take you on a thrill ride, but it's also being set free out into the world to provoke thought, as I'm sure those who invest their time in reading it will discover.

You can pre-order Riker's Calling on Amazon. It will be out August 4, and you can find Rico Lamoureax on Facebook, Twitter, GoodReads, or Smashwords

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