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Mister Mottley and the Kiss of Death


Ellen Seltz

This is the second Mister Mottley short mystery I have read, and it is just as enjoyable as the first (Mister Mottley and the Key of D). It is a light-hearted and quick moving mystery set among the British upperclass in the 1930s. If you're looking for some fun distraction, the Mister Mottley mysteries deliver it. However, this particular mystery is very short, and light on character development. I'd recommend starting with Mister Mottley and the Key of D or one of the other slightly longer mysteries in the series. If you're already a fan of Mister Mottley, though, this one won't disappoint you.

Favorite Thing: 
The light-hearted tone
Mister Mottley and the Kiss of Death book cover
Book Length: 
Part of Series: 
Part of a series of short stories/novellas
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