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Taster Flight: Travel

It is time for another taster flight! To recap, a taster flight is a pairing of three or four short ebooks that all explore a similar topic. Today's taster flight is travel, and specifically our motivations for traveling.

Why We Fly, by Evan Rail looks at the question head on. The author is a travel writer. He mostly addresses the question through introspection and applying the lessons he's learned from years of travel, but his insights are sharp and I came away from this book feeling like I had picked up some new ideas about why I love to travel.

The Beaten Track, by Sara Menkedick is also written by a long time traveler. She embeds her thoughts about the meaning of travel, complete with references to external reading and research, into the story of one particular trip she took. The travel story portion of this ebook is really well done, and her ideas on the meaning of travel and how to travel well were thought-provoking.

Solomon's Island, by Matthew Fishbane explores our motivations for travel primarily by example. The author read about a group of Solomon Islanders who believe they've found the remains of King Solomon's temple on their island, and is so intrigued he sets out to investigate.

Pleased to Be Otherwise, by Gina Ochsner is fiction, and it isn't directly about travel- but it gives a bit of a view into travel viewed from the standpoint of the people being visited.

If reading the books in this taster flight leaves you wanting more books about travel, check out the travel category page. Be prepared to get itchy feet!

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